Enjoy your  
surf & call pack

With Tele2 Cheapest Surf & Call starter pack enjoy 10 GB of data and 200 minutes of calls within Croatia. 

For only 67 HRK (approximately 9 EUR)  in the "Cheapest Surf & Call" starter pack you receive:
    •    10 GB of data
    •    200 minutes towards all Croatian networks
    •    10 HRK on your account

Information on prices:


Included package of minutes towards all networks in Croatia 200 minutes
Included data package within Croatia 10 GB 10 GB
Calls towards networks in Croatia after spending 200 minutes 1,20 kn/min
Call connection fee towards all networks in Croatia 0,39 HRK/call
SMS towards Croatian networks 0,39 HRK/SMS
SMS towards networks abroad 1,00 HRK/SMS
Data transfer after using up the data package 0,25 kn/100 kB

Find more information on calls to destinations not included in this promotion in Tele2 Price List for Telecommunication Services.