Prepaid International Tariff Terms 01.06.2014

Terms - International tariff
Tele2 prepaid customers who activate the tariff from 1.6.2014

1. Upon activation of the international tariff (hereinafter Tariff) Tele2 prepaid customers (hereinafter
customer/s) accept the Terms and Conditions of the International the tariff from 1.6.2014. (Hereinafter
referred to as Terms).

2. The tariff will be automatically activated when installing a new SIM card from Tele2 International
starter package. The opening balance in the account is 15 HRK. A SIM card from the above
packages can be activated until 31 October of 2014.

3. Customers who activate a new SIM card with the Tariff are entitled to 3 GB and 1000 minutes to all
networks in Croatia. Packages will be activated within a maximum of 24 hours upon installation of the
SIM card. Packages are valid 30 days from activation. The customer is entitled to the favorable prices
of calls to fixed networks in Europe in the period from 1.6.2014. to 31.10.2014 . All benefits are
defined in the applicable Tele2 price list.

4. Conditions and validity of Article 3; the tariff can be checked with the combination dial * 150 #, then 2
for Bonuses / Packages, or directly at * 150 * 6 # for the minutes package and * 150 * 8 # for data

5. Call duration is limited to 60 minutes, after which the call is automatically disconnected.

6. Prepaid customers can activate a different tariff, which is available, but later can no longer return to
the international tariff. Existing Tele2 prepaid customers cannot activate the Tariff and may not migrate
from existing tariffs.

7. Tariff customers cannot use SMS sponsor services; calls and text messages to numbers with added
value services are also restricted. The customer can activate data packets, the SMS option and use
the SMS parking services.
8. If Tele2 forms the conclusion that there is unusual and / or excessive use of the tariff, where there is
reasonable suspicion of unauthorized use or misuse of Tele2 services, including unusually high traffic
to networks which offer services that allow the recipient of the call getting a bonus based on the
amount of incoming traffic and / or observed a large discrepancy between the outgoing traffic to such
networks and incoming traffic and / or in the event of the service being used for the purpose of direct
advertising and / or sales of services and / or products of the subscriber or any third party ( which
includes but is not limited to use Tele2 services for unwanted electronic communication ) , Tele2 has
the right to deactivate customers international tariff and activate the Osnovna tariff that is charged by
Tele2 prices defined by the current list. Before the expulsion from the tariff the customer will receive
an SMS that it is informed of the above. In the event that the customer does not want to continue
using the Osnovna tariff, they can terminate the subscription in accordance with the General
Conditions of Use. Once the customer receives the SMS receipt of the Osnovna tariff activation, the
first call or SMS / MMS or data use that follows will be charged at Osnovna tariff rates.

9. Tele2 is not responsible in the event that any of the services included in the tariff is not available to the
customer at any time.

10. In cases, that are not defined by these Terms and Conditions, General terms and Conditions of Tele2
will be applied, as well as other special Terms and Conditions of services which are used by the

11. Tele2 reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions, which the Customer shall be timely
notified via the Tele2 website or in any other appropriate manner.