Terms of use of the Promo MBB promotion

1. By activating the special Tele2 Mobile Broadband prepaid SIM card, the prepaid user (hereinafter: the User)
receives the right to use services in the manner and under the conditions defined by these Terms of Use of the
Promo MBB promotion.

2. From 19 June 2015 the promotional offer for the Mobile Broadband Start, valid from 19 June 2015 to 31
December 2015, will only be available at Tele2 points of sale.

3. As part of the Promo MBB offer, the User can activate a special Mobile Broadband Starter pack for the amount
of 80 kuna, and along with the 50MB of data from the Mobile Broadband Start Tariff, use the additional 10GB
of data in Croatia in the 14 days following activation. After 14 days the 10GB is automatically deactivated and
the User continues using the regular Mobile Broadband Start Tariff.

4. The offer can only be activated once per User number.

5. The User can, at any time, activate one of the Mobile Broadband options for prepaid users (S, M, L, XL).

6. The order of priority of spending the data traffic is:

? 50MB from the Mobile Broadband Start Tariff
? 10GB from the Promo MBB offer
? Data from MBB Options (if the User wanted to spend more than 10GB and activated one of the MBB

7. While using the data, the User is required to obey the laws which prohibit the sending of unsolicited electronic
messages and is obliged to use the Internet access service in accordance with the existing regulations of the
Republic of Croatia, Tele2 General Business Terms and Conditions and Advice for protection against misuse
published on the www.tele2.hr website. Tele2 retains the right to take the necessary steps and measures in
order to prevent the misuse of the Internet access service, and the right to differentiate between data transfer
speeds in the various tariffs and services, which the User will be informed about in an appropriate manner.

8. For any instances not suitably covered or regulated by these Terms of Use, the Tele2 General Business
Terms and Conditions will be applicable, as well as other special Tele2 terms and/or specifications of the
services used by the User.

9. Tele2 retains the right to change these Terms of Use, in which case the User will be informed in a timely
manner through the Tele2 website or in another appropriate manner.

10. These Terms of Use are in effect from December 01st 2015.